Oscar Kincaid, Jr.



Oscar Kincaid, Jr., was born into farm life. 

It was 1824 when the Kincaid family purchased 30 acres in Boonton Township, Morris  County and began farming.

More than a century later, a young Oscar took over the operation, working alongside his father as they raised dairy cows, grew vegetables and developed a poultry business.  For years, they delivered eggs to retail establishments and sold vegetables from their roadside stand.

Over time, Oscar moved away from the dairy and poultry business and focused his efforts on vegetable and hay production. 


Oscar's commitment to his community transcended farming. He served as a member of  the Boonton Township Committee for 30 years and was mayor for two terms. He was also a founding member of the Morris County Agricultural Development Board, on which he served for 17 years, six as board chairman.

Oscar led the charge for farmland preservation in Morris County. His efforts resulted in the preservation of 41 farms covering 3,100 acres spanning several municipalities     throughout the county.

As one person put it: "Oscar had more impact on preserving the character of Boonton than any single individual."

But to Oscar: "Farming and being active in local politics was simply a way of life."

Oscar passed away November 11, 2000